Career Advice for Graduates

How should a recent graduate support themselves until they get a job?

How should a recent graduate support themselves until they get a job?

The UK has many great opportunities for uni graduates. While the opportunities are available not everyone will be able to take advantage of them right away. Many grads will have to wait till they are given a chance to work in their field. One thing they can do is to work in a job outside of their chosen career. Many grads in the UK work at bars, restaurants and retail stores until they can be hired within their chosen profession.

Living at home after graduation

Many U.K. graduates move back in with their parents once they completed work at school. This is not an uncommon thing to do. Parents should allow their children to move back home even if it is only for a short time. Students should work and contribute to their parent’s household once they are there. Ultimately, moving back home should be used as a means to help students find work and to save up enough money to move out on their own.

Seek Employment while in school

Many universities offer students career assistance while they are still in school. Some companies and businesses even recruit bright students before they graduate. All students should line up their work ahead of time since this will improve their chances of getting hired after college. Internships is another route that students can take. Internships allow students to work inside of companies learning how to do the job until they can become experienced enough to work on their own.