Career Advice for Graduates

Career Guidance in the UK

Career Guidance in the UK

The United Kingdom has many cities which provides students with lots of job opportunities. Cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Sheffield all provide graduates with opportunities to utilise their degree. A career counsellor within the United Kingdom can help a graduate to find work, once they leave school.

Counsellors can point out the best companies that can hire entry level workers. They can also help graduates with the hiring process. Advice can be given on creating CVs, how to dress for success within the workplace and the proper things to say during an interview. Career guidance is not always an easy solution for finding work. However, it definitely can increase a uni graduate chances of being employed.

Organisations within the UK that will help with Career Guidance

There are various organisations within the U.K. that help graduates to find the work they need. These places include the Gatsby Foundation, JOBCENTRE Plus, the website, Careers Trade Association and Learn Direct are some of the available guidance offices. They can provide leads and solid information about companies and businesses that are hiring.